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Śūnyatā (Emptiness): Presence, Absence, and the Roots of Appreciation

Tibet House

About this event

Together with Nalanda Institute we were delighted to host Tatsudo Nicole Baden Roshi at Tibet House on January 13, 2024 (22 West 15th Street, NY) who gave a dharma talk and meditation on the foundational Buddhist principle of Śūnyatā or emptiness. 

Tatsudo Nicole Baden is a Dharma Successor of Zentatsu Baker Roshi in the Dharma Sangha Soto Zen Lineage. She has been practicing Zen since 2001 and received Dharma Transmission in 2017. She graduated as a psychologist from the University of Oldenburg in 2008. She also trained at the ‘School for Body Mind Centering’ for four years. Since 2009 she has been living and practicing either at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center or at the Zen Buddhist Center Schwarzwald (ZBZS) in Germany. She is the Assistant Abbot at both Centers.


22 West 15th Street, New York, NY
January 13, 2024